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Koozies and Can Coolers

We have one of the largest collection of custom Koozies® and can cooler products under one roof! You will also find many exclusive personalized cooler items in which you can get low minimum quantities and factory direct wholesale prices. Look around and if you have any questions our expert staff is here to help you with any of the personalized koozies you are looking at ordering.
Low Quantity Can Coolers
Need only 15 or 20 pieces? then the Low Quantity Can Cooler koozy is the best choice for you. Collapsible with Cloth exterior, felt lined interior this item is a favorite among customers looking for no minimum koozies with fast production times.
Setup Price: $25.00
Quantity 15+ 30+ 50+ 100+ 250+
Price / per item $0.99 $0.98 $0.96 $0.89 $0.79
Promotional Collapsible Can Cooler
Our Low price made in the USA can cooler. Looking at giving away a good quality item at a great price look no further.
Collapsible for easy storage and lightweight item. This koozy is the best price to quality ratio. Available in 10 item colors and a limited time pricing at 200+ pieces

Setup Price: $25.00
Quantity 100+ 200+ 500+ 1000+ 2500+
Price / per item $0.79 $0.49 $0.48 $0.45 $0.42
Premium Collapsible Cooler
With over 25 item colors available and made in the good old USA this item a great quality koozy at an awesome price. Has a standard cloth exterior and a felt lined interior which keeps your drink cold and your hands warm.
This customized item also fits beer bottles and 12 oz cans

made in the usa

Setup Price: $25.00
Quantity 50+ 100+ 200+ 500+ 1000+ 5000+
Price / per item $1.25 $0.88 $0.69 $0.68 $0.65 $0.59
Indestructible Foam Can Hugger koozy
This swiss knife is made of Indestructible Foam and holds both cans and beer bottles. This can koozy keeps your drink cooler than any of the collapsible can coolers at the same time its very comfortable to hold in your hand.
This item features a free 2nd side imprint
Setup Price: $40.00
Quantity 50+ 105+ 210+ 315+ 630+
Price / per item $1.10 $0.78 $0.77 $0.75 $0.73
Deluxe Collapsible Koozie®
High quality Leather-like material on the exterior of the koozie that stands out. It's a one of a kind premium item is unique and makes your brand look apart. Comes with a high detail imprint and 8 new color to choose from. If you are looking for high quality koozies these are the ones you are looking for.
Setup Price: $40.00
Quantity 200+ 500+ 1000+ 2500+ 5000+
Price / per item $1.25 $1.20 $1.19 $1.18 $1.17
Original Foam Koozie®
The Koozies that started it all. The original koozie that keeps your drink at 40° for thirty five minutes.
Available in twelve popular colors and many more imprint colors
Setup Price: $40.00
Quantity 210+ 525+ 1050+
Price / per item $1.29 $1.19 $1.10
Zippered Bottle coolers
Need something to cover your whole beer bottle with a snug fit then this is the item for you. Made with a cloth exterior with felt lined interior that keeps you beer cold. These beer coolers are perfect if you plan on using them for bottles.

made in the usa

Setup Price: $25.00
Quantity 50+ 100+ 250+ 500+ 1000+
Price / per item $1.99 $1.79 $1.75 $1.69 $1.59
Neoprene can koozy
One of our most popular items made from a high quality 3MM Thick Neoprene material used in wet suits. This item is one of our premium items that we sell.
It easily fits 12oz cans and beer bottles while keeping them cold with the best quality neoprene and double stitching that will last years to come.
Setup Price: $25.00
Quantity 25+ 50+ 100+ 200+ 500+ 1000+
Price / per item $1.49 $1.29 $1.15 $0.99 $0.89 $0.85
The Carabiner Koozies®
The Carabiner Koozies® can be easily clipped onto anything while hiking, walking around or any outdoor events.
This customized koozie is great for the people that love adventure and a cold drink
Setup Price: $40.00
Quantity 150+ 250+ 500+ 1000+
Price / per item $1.79 $1.68 $1.58 $1.46
Collapsible Bottle Koozie®
Looking for something that fits 16 to 20 ounce water bottles and long necks bottles? This is the item for you! It also comes with a chrome carabiner to clip the item onto a backpack to take on a hike or outdoor activity. This item makes a premium giveaway that lasts a long time at the same time used frequently.
Setup Price: $40.00
Quantity 100+ 200+ 250+ 300+ 500+
Price / per item $2.99 $2.50 $2.45 $2.30 $2.20

Express Imprint makes it easier to order Personalized Koozies online

Koozies make great promotional items and Express Imprint makes it very easy to order them on our site. When people get them they keep them year round and reuse them. Whether they are for a wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party, bat-mitzvah or any get together they make a great customized give away. Every time the koozies are used they remind people of your brand and the great time they had. With a large variety and colors to choose from its easy to find the exact one you are looking for, find that fits your brand or event perfectly and then design it within three minutes in our online designer tool.