Custom printed koozies are a popular choice for promoting fundraisers, businesses, and special occasions. But with the new season just around the corner, there are a few key trends that are fueling the demand from our customers at Express Imprint. From unique shapes to bold patterns and colors, here are the top trends for the upcoming season.


Unique Shapes: Gone are the days of the standard classic cylindrical foam Koozie. Today,  you can purchase designs  featuring unique shapes such as cowboy boots, hexagons, stars, and even custom shapes that mimic the product or service being promoted. These unique shapes not only add visual interest, but they also make the koozie more memorable and easier to spot in a crowd.


Bold Patterns and Colors: Bright, bold patterns and colors are all the rage in custom koozie design. From geometric patterns to floral prints, these designs are sure to grab attention and make a statement. This trend is perfect for businesses or organizations that want to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd.


Sustainable Materials: With a growing focus on sustainability, more and more companies are turning to eco-friendly materials for their custom koozies. From recycled plastic to natural fibers like cotton or jute, these sustainable materials not only help the environment but also give a unique look and feel to the koozie. Express imprint is now also selling mostly Made in the USA koozies


Minimalistic Design: Another popular trend is minimalistic design. Simple, clean, and elegant designs are making a big impact. These designs are perfect for businesses or organizations that want to convey a sense of professionalism and sophistication.


Customized koozies are a great way to promote your business or special event. With these top trends in the industry, you can stand out from the crowd. Whether you choose a unique shape, bold patterns and colors, sustainable materials, minimalistic design or textured materials, your custom printed koozie is sure to be a hit with your customers or guests.