Maybe you've just discovered the awesome insulating powers of koozies or perhaps you were just recently reminded of them because you saw someone using one to keep their can cold. Either way, you are now facing a serious existential crisis – koozies or cups? Whether you're planning a major event or are just looking to add some interesting items to your cupboard, the debate between standard cups or koozie-covered cans and bottles is one that many people haven't even given thought to.

Of course, it's not exactly an either/or decision, as you can easily own both and probably should. However, when it comes to serving guests during a special occasion, the decision between koozies and cups might require some additional attention. With that said, here are several reasons why custom koozies are better than traditional cups.

Most Cups Don't Have Built-in Insulation

Unless you're talking about an insulated thermos mug, the vast majority of cups do not have any sort of insulation. That's bad news if you want your drinks to stay cold longer, especially when you're outside on a hot day. On the other hand, custom koozies provide insulation to keep your canned or bottled beverages cold for as long as possible. If you're planning a get-together or party of some sort, giving guests the option to socialize and enjoy themselves without having to worry about whether their drink is going to get warm is certainly an added convenience. Additionally, many custom koozies come with closable lids, which can be useful when you're outside and you don't want flies or other insects landing in your drink.

Custom Koozies Change the Design of Any Bottle or Can

When you buy a cup from the store, you're getting an item that thousands or millions of other people already have in their homes. Conversely, a custom koozie can provide a one-of-a-kind design that nobody else has ever seen wrapped around a beverage. Furthermore, they alter the appearance of any bottle or can in an instant. With a boring cup, not only are the aesthetics plain, but the appearance of the cup also tends to degrade over time with regular wear and tear, whereas koozies are quite resilient.

Custom Koozies Offer Better Grip

In addition to offering better cushioning, koozies also prevent breaking and spilling by reducing the chances of dropping your bottle or can through the enhanced grip. This feature alone is enough to give custom koozies the edge over cups in the eyes of many people who know just how easy it is to spill or drop a slippery cup. Plus, when designing your custom koozie, you can choose from a variety of grip styles that utilize various textures to prevent slipping. You can even have a custom grip pattern designed if you choose. Ultimately, there are very few cups that can compete with the average koozie in the grip department.

With a Custom Koozie, You'll Always Know Which Drink is Yours

Another reason why custom koozies win over cups is that you never have to worry about accidentally picking up someone else's drink. With a custom koozie, your drink is very clearly labeled as your own (perhaps literally if you go with a koozie with your name on). This also means that other people will have absolutely no excuse to pick up your drink thinking that it was theirs. Plus, you can add humorous sayings like “don't touch my drink, or else,” to further solidify your stamp. If you're getting the custom koozie as a gift for a loved one, chances are that they're going to appreciate it much more than they would a simple cup.

Regular Cups are Boring and Often Breakable

Aesthetically, there's really no competition between your standard store-bought cup and a custom koozie, as the latter will always have the advantage of having that extra personal touch. In terms of durability, koozies are vastly superior because no matter how you bend or drop them, they will not break. Plus, any bottle that you put inside a koozie will be less likely to break when dropped. Whether you have kids who frequently spill their drinks or a husband who tends to drop his beer can once he’s cracked open a few, custom koozies can help by providing a more durable and aesthetically appealing alternative.