Perhaps you’re planning a wedding, birthday, or some sort of celebration, or maybe you just want to relax in the garden with the barbecue blazing and a cold beer. Whatever your need, you’ll be looking to invest in either some koozies or napkins – but which one is better? Well, sit back and hold tight – here’s the run-down of the ultimate winner.

Firstly, Napkins:

Napkins are a pretty common sight at a table, but are they worth investing in? First, you need to decide what type of napkin you’re after – are you going for paper or cloth? Paper certainly has its advantages. For a start, it’s much cheaper than cloth napkins or koozies and much easier to manage too – once you’ve used them, they’re easily disposable and, all in all, not bad for the environment, as paper will degrade fairly quickly. You can also get designs printed on them, giving them a nice look to any table.

However, this is where the advantages of paper end. Although they’re great for quick use, they wear out easily and can become irritating and costly to replace. Cloth does provide some benefits here, whereby you can wash them easily. However, they are more costly and, depending on the use, can be hard to manage – for example, using them with drinks is not the best idea as they will slip easily and be difficult to use properly with no real benefit. However, they do look much classier than paper napkins and are a real asset with food, as they’re great for catching crumbs or mopping up spills or smudges.

So, What About Koozies?

Koozies are sleeves that you can fit around your drink to keep it cold, a genius device that is gaining more and more popularity. There are tons of advantages to using koozies – unlike napkins, they’re useful in keeping your drink cold for much longer, as well as keeping it carbonated too. They’re also easily customizable – they’re a great way to implement a theme to your party or event! You can add cute photos, monograms, and text. For example, if they’re for a wedding, adding the date is the perfect touch. You can even personalize them individually for each guest if you’re feeling dedicated. They can look really snazzy, as well as being very practical, as they can keep your drink cold for up to 10 times longer than a bare can, making sure your guests stay refreshed and satisfied.

Koozies are also more noticeable – you’re more likely to pay attention to a koozie than a napkin, as you reach for your drink often, whereas a napkin acts as a nice addition to a table and may not be paid the same attention. Because of their use, they’re also less likely to get stained, as they don’t come into contact with much that could cause a problem – even if you spill a drink, it’s likely to flow away from the bottle or glass, rather than down the sides. You can also offer them to your guests to take away – most guests would prefer taking home a koozie than a napkin, as it’s much more useful at home and acts as a unique reminder of your special day.

Wait – So Who’s The Winner?

And the winner is… well, it depends! If you’re thinking more about food than drink, koozies aren’t going to be much good, so napkins are the winner here. If you’re holding a barbecue or an event with kids, paper napkins may be the option for you, as most likely there will be stains from the sauce, meat, juice, you name it! It makes the clean up afterward much easier for you and will be less money out of your pocket. However, if the event you’re holding is a bit fancier, cloth napkins are the way to go – at a wedding, you want everything to be smooth and high quality, and adding paper napkins to that would look out of place and messy. Cloth napkins have an element of sophistication, which will help maintain your theme and the aesthetic of your wedding and keep guests happy right until the end.

However, that’s just for food – napkins are no good for drinks, as you’ll be sure to end up with broken glass or spilled drinks. Koozies zoom ahead in the drinks category, not only for their usefulness and elegance but also for how easy it is to personalize and customize them exactly how you want. Koozies add a nice, unique touch and can really add that special something you’re looking for, particularly if it’s a special day for you or a loved one. They’ll be the center of conversation for your guests whilst they have a drink, and it’ll certainly bring a little joy to each of them knowing they can take home a reminder of your big day. What do we recommend, however? We recommend both! There’s no reason why you can’t have both napkins and koozies, and if you want to make the day as perfect as possible, investing in both is the best way to ensure everything looks perfect, your guests feel great, and you really make the most of the day to come.

With your big day coming up, you want everything to be perfect – take our advice, and choose what’s best for you. Remember – it only comes once, so make the most of it!