How many times have you been enjoying a beverage out of a can only to wish it stayed colder a little longer? It's a common complaint, especially during the warm summer months when there is nothing more refreshing than a cold beverage to sip on. Not only that but if you take that beverage out of the fridge directly, it’s only a matter of time before the condensation starts to build on the sides of the can, dripping all over you.

That is exactly why koozies have become such a popular item. You can place the canned beverage right inside, where it fits snuggly, keeping it cooler for longer. Plus, you won’t have to deal with any condensation dripping on you. While you can certainly grab yourself a few standard run-of-the-mill koozies, you’ve also got the opportunity to design your own.

Custom koozies are can be great gifts, they could be a favor at a birthday party, they can make for great wedding bombonieres, and can even be used by companies as a branding and marketing tool that they can give away to customers. So, let’s take a look at the steps involved in creating your own design.

What Kind of Koozie Do You Want?

The first place to start is in deciding what kind of koozie you want. Choose from the popular foldable koozies or the foam models. The big benefit in choosing the foldable koozies is that they are extremely portable. Because they fold completely flat, you can easily throw them in a purse, bag, or cooler and take them on the go with you. They are also super easy to store since they take up little to no space.

The foam koozies are definitely the more classic and traditional option. They are already formed in the right shape for a can, and these don't fold up or collapse. Where they really shine is in durability, as these are extremely resilient and will last for many years to come. They can also be easy to spot in the drawer or cupboard since they don’t fold flat.

What Size Can/Bottle Will You Use with the Koozie?

The next question to ask yourself is what size can or bottle you plan on using with the koozie. There are options that fit the standard soda can size, as well as beer bottles, and water bottles. So, think about how you plan to use your koozie and base your decision on that.

Choose Your Color

Now it's time to choose the color, which can be one of the most fun parts. Express Imprint is known for its wide color catalog that allows you to be as bright and bold as you like or stick with more neutral shades. If it’s for your own personal use, you have a lot more freedom where color is concerned, but if it’s for a wedding party or part of a swag bag you are putting together for work, the color may need to be themed out.

Explore the Pre-Made Free Templates

If you happen to be designing a custom koozie for a wedding, be sure to make use of the free templates. These allow you to customize the koozie color, design, and ink so that it works with the wedding and its theme. You can even add special quotes or sayings, your names and the wedding date, or some other romantic or fun phrase that represents the couple.

Create Your Own Design

If you aren't the type that likes using pre-made templates, you can certainly create your own design. This can include clip art and/or customized text, allowing you to make something extremely unique.

Beer Lovers Can Enjoy Fun Phrases

There are also a few pre-made designs for those who are making custom koozies specifically for drinking beer. These can work as a really fun gift for that special beer lover in your life, or even as a groomsmen gift.

Take Advantage of Rush Service

Now, if you are running out of time on your design and need something fast, the free rush service at Express Imprint can certainly come in hand. You can even get a guaranteed delivery date.

Creating your own custom koozie has never been so fun, easy, and fast.