When you are hosting a party or event, one of your primary responsibilities will be providing refreshments. Whether you are providing sodas, beers, or mixed drinks, you will probably want to offer people a chilled drink, which can create a couple of problems that need to be solved.

Keeping drinks cool while people hold them in their hands is difficult, and condensation on the glass, can, or bottle will make the drinks awkward to keep hold of. This is where koozies come in.

A koozie, or drink sleeve, solves both of these problems in one, giving the drinks some insulation to keep them cool and providing a barrier between the heat of a hand and the chilled exterior of a refreshing beverage. They also give the drinker a stronger and more comfortable grip on their drink while absorbing any condensation or even a small spill.

Koozies can also easily be customized for your event, with branding for your business or even a design for a wedding or birthday, giving your refreshments a unique look and providing a souvenir for your guests.

More and more, people are looking to customized Koozies to give their event or party a unique feel and look and provide their guests with a convenient way to carry their drinks as they mingle. But, many party planners wonder how custom koozies are made? Here, we are going to take a quick look at the production process of the drinks koozie and see what goes into making this humble party favor.

What are Koozies Made From?

Drinks koozies can be made from pretty much any material, but are most often made from either a waxed paper (to make them easily disposable and recyclable), polyurethane foam (which is a good insulator and absorber), or neoprene (making them last a long time and reusable over multiple events).

Disposable paper koozies are often a cheaper option and can be recycled just about anywhere easily. They can also have basic designs printed on them while providing some insulation for cold drinks, but koozies made from polyurethane foam and neoprene are much more popular.

The foam is a great insulator but is also much easier to print complex designs on and lasts a lot longer as the party progresses. Neoprene koozies are the luxury model. These can be reused over and over, making them a great souvenir for guests. They can also be shaped and sculpted in a number of different ways. Some high-end neoprene koozies even have zippers or clasps integrated into them to let guests cover their drinks when they put them down and head for the food table or bathroom.

What Types of Koozies are There?

There are a few koozie shapes and styles to choose from. Koozies can be made for cans, bottles, or even large ‘big gulp’ containers.

At the premium end of the koozie market there are neoprene koozies for glasses, cans, beer bottles, and even wine bottles, and they can have interesting design elements added to them like zippers and carabiners.

The zips help to keep the bottle secure in the koozie and can be used to close the koozie over a smaller bottle, glass or can, so that a guest can move around without worrying about spilling their drink on a dance floor. The carabiners and clips can be used to attach the koozie to a belt or the strap of a bag, so drinkers have a convenient place to keep their drinks while having their hands free.

Most koozies are collapsible or foldable, making them easy to store before the event and letting your guests fold them up when the party is done to take their koozie home as a souvenir.

What Kind of Designs Can Be Printed on a Koozie?

Just about any design you can think of can be printed onto a koozie. Pictures are popular for weddings and birthdays – having a nice shot of the happy couple on a koozie provides a great souvenir for wedding guest to take home and remember the night with. They may even bring them back for the anniversary celebrations in the future.

Koozies also offer a great branding opportunity for corporate events or business promotions. Even a small ‘mom-and-pop' business can get koozies made to help promote their store or service, giving their customers a lasting and useful product to keep that will help the brand stay at the forefront of their minds.

Koozies are a great addition to any event or party. They are functional as well as stylish, and with a unique design that is tailored specifically to your party or your guests, they quickly become a conversation starter – breaking the ice as well as preserving it!

If you have an upcoming special event planned, you should definitely consider ordering some custom koozies to add something unique and useful to your refreshment table.